Virtually ELIMINATING Odors & Bacteria:

It really works!

Product: CritterZone Air Naturalizer - Corded

Posted by Susan S.

It's amazing to me that this little device neutralizes all the odors from our cats' litter boxes. The boxes are in a large room, and we have three cats who specialize in stinky poo, but the CritterZone keeps that room from being stinky!


The Best!!

Product: CritterZone Air Naturalizer - Wall Unit

Posted by Ina

This product is fantistic. I ordered one after reading about it on a Hauspanther email notification. Pet owners normally get accustomed to their pet "smells", but after I plugged mine in I noticed a difference very quickly. I have already recommended to others and I plan on buying another.


A Real Skeptic! 


Product: Critterzone Air Naturalizer - Corded

Posted by Kathie B. 

I have been reading about this product for a couple of years, thinking, yeah, yeah, yeah, sure it does, blah, blah, blah. I am a rescuer and have fosters, and my own 7 cats in the home, so it can get quite smelly after a few littler box uses. However, I had about $600 tied up in useless electronic "air cleaners" and found it very hard to believe this tiny machine could work any better than the high-priced behemoths. Plus an additional load of cash spent on odor sprays, they worked for a short time and then WHAM! as soon as they dried the odor returned.

Back in February of this year when the Global Pet Expo was held, two esteemed pet bloggers gave the CritterZone their blessing. I was still a skeptic and then the first of this month after a long litter-changing and scooping day I decided to try it. I ordered it here and received it a day ahead of schedule.

Within 3 hours my home was odorless, at first I thought it was just me wanting it to work, but a friend stopped by unexpectedly that evening and I asked what she smelled. She said "why? I don't smell anything. It smells really fresh, did you just mop or something?" So it wasn't just me.


Then after 6 hours of running, I noticed my asthmatic cat had not had a choking spell. This is a cat who has 4-6 of these horrendous choking fits every day and takes steroid shots for them bi-monthly. I have now been running the CritterZone for 9 days and she has had two choking spells that lasted less than 10 seconds, there is no wheezing when I hold her close and I have always been able to hear a rattle in her chest. I also have asthma and use two inhalers, I have NOT used an inhaler once in this house for 9 days. I have had two spells when outside but then it has been humid and hot here lately and that is normal for me.

I have no reason to embellish this review. I paid cold hard cash for my machine, and I live on a fixed income so believe me if this didn't work you would hear about it.


There is a very light metallic smell when it is working at its peak but as soon as that air is clean the odor rapidly dissipates, and even with asthma it is so light it doesn't bother my breathing at all. Your mileage may vary.

I plan to purchase another next month because I have a large attic area that has some slight mildew issues, I don't let my cats go back there now so I want another CritterZone to keep that area clear so they can play back there if they choose to.


I can't believe anyone would go wrong buying this product. I think it is nothing short of amazing. You won't be sorry you spent the money on this little machine!



Very impressed! 

Product: CritterZone Air Naturalizer - Wall Unit

Posted by catlover

We are a household of six indoor cats and two indoor ferrets. :) i bought this mainly to deal with the ferret smell. Like the other reviewers, I have found this to be an amazing product that does what it says. The ferret musk smell is gone. I can smell the slight metallic smell in the kitty/ferret room at times, but that is a fair trade for no animal smell. Highly recommend!


Great job, like the size

Product: CritterZone Air Naturalizer - Corded

Posted by: Name not provided

Unit does a great job keeping large family fresh. Our Basset Hound loves the room & spends most of her day there. Surprised by the small size, but it does the work like our larger units.


Oh, yes, it DOES work! 

Product: CritterZone Air Naturalizer - Corded

Posted by: Name not provided.


I have to admit I was skeptical. I keep my litter boxes in the laundry room, but you would never know it now. The scent the Critterzone puts out is very neutral. Highly recommended!



Product: CritterZone Air Naturalizer - Wall Unit

Posted by Allison

Worked great and got rid of most of the odor in just a few hours after we put it in. Worth the price. Helped a lot with litter box odor for a two new kittens.


Great product 

Product: CritterZone Air Naturalizer - Corded Unit 
Posted By: Eduardo

We have two cats, one with diabetes and therefore a bit of incontinence until we diagnosed and treated her -- you can imagine the olfactory results. Smell has disappeared almost completely after three days of constant use at minimum setting. Product support says it consumes only 3 watts per day, but this is not listed among the specs, so I'll have to monitor electricity consumption. All in all, a very good product. The only minus I can think of (although I would certainly put it in a wish list) is not being able to hang it from a wall. It's small and very lightweight, so I can't imagine why that's not part of the product design. 



Product: CritterZone Air Naturalizer - Wall Unit 
Posted By: N/A

I have a multi-dog household. I bought this product after seeing it on Start Over Rover's (local dog rescue) facebook page. All reviews were very favorable so I decided to give it a try. I plugged it into the wall and within an hour I could already tell a big difference. After several days, I'm thinking of getting another one for upstairs. 



Noted dog trainer praises the air-cleaning quality of CritterZone

Animal expert and dog trainer Nikki Moustaki recently gave a rave review for the CritterZone Air Naturalizers she bought and used in her home.

Moustaki is a nationally known dog trainer who is a frequent guest on national TV and radio programs, including CNN, ABC, NBC and Howard Stern. She has written several books about dogs and birds, and she frequently reviews pet products on her website. Moustaki is highly respected and trusted by pet owners and doesn't accept compensation for her reviews, unless noted. She was not compensated for this review.

She used the Air Naturalizers to remove the smells from her hamsters’ cages as well as a dog urine odor from puppy pads. On her website,, Moustaki says after having an air purifier plugged in for only a short time in the room with the hamsters, “Not only did the odor disappear, the room smelled great” and reminded her of “the scent after a nice rain shower.”

After using the Air Naturalizers for a few months, she reported: “I can honestly say that not only does this product work to control and eliminate odors, it exceeds expectations,” she said in a recent post on her website. 

The Air Naturalizer creates a continuous charged flow that cleans up the air in a home or car, removing odors and particles that trigger allergies. It has no filter and simply plugs into the wall or into a car. It is powerful, and it immediately begins to dramatically improve the air quality. [Watch Video Review]



From Jodi B. via Amazon (Wall Plug-in Unit):

I was amazed by what a difference this made. The CritterZone got rid of all the smells from the pet Guinea pig my daughter has. After having it plugged in for a few days, you didn't even know she had a pet.



Liz M:

Within an hour of plugging in our CritterZone, you could no longer smell that we crate three dogs in our bedroom 4 days a week and they sleep there. It was the only room in the house that always smelled like dogs. Well, with CritterZone it's no more. It's probably the cleanest smelling room in the whole house!


Kimber Sobeck , trainer at All Good Dog Training and Care

in Jupiter, FL:

Wow, we love this product! Keeping our puppies in the kitchen, it was getting kind of dog smelly, even though I was cleaning everyday. But once we got the CritterZone, the smell is gone! My kitchen is comfortable again! Love it, love it, love it, this product really works!


Officer B. Gellin with K9 Officer Valor:

Police Dog inside of a car + OCD = CritterZone!!!  Prior to my shift, I let the car cool off and turn the unit on. Within minutes the "funk" is gone!!!


From HoustonCat on Amazon (plug-in):

Bought this for our cat's litter box. Works great and has eliminated any odors. Great aspect is there are no filters to change and like the option of setting it to low or high as needed.


Scott Mutterer on Amazon (unit with cord):

Sets our house free from the stench of pet odors! Can't say enough good things about it! It's simple, effective, cheap and makes you wonder why you didn't always have one! CritterZone makes a great gift, give to those you love and know they will receive a gift no one else would think of! Clean, fresh air.


From JM on Amazon (unit with cord):

Love it! Works excellently for rooms with cat boxes. I'm getting ready to buy two more as gifts.


From PH on Amazon (unit with cord):

Totally amazing: This product is absolutely amazing it is like walking into a room with all the windows open even though I have a dog and the house is shut up tight.


From DogHeaven on Amazon (plug-in unit):

Odors be gone! We have two adorable little rugrats that have their very own special odors. With our new CritterZone, these odors are now gone. It's super easy to install (plug and play) and I should know as I'm mechanically challenged. The 3 settings help to control odors in any size room. Buy one today, I mean it!

I love it!

Product: CritterZone Air Naturalizer - Wall Unit

Posted by Rhonda

I purchased a wall unit and plugged it in next to the cat's litter boxes. (Yes, one cat, two litter boxes.) My husband frequently complains about the litter box odor, but, since the CritterZone Air Naturalizer has been plugged in, no nasty smells or remarks! I ordered one after reading about it on the blog, Pet News and Views. Don't hesitate. Get yours today!


Great on tough pet odors throughout the house

Product: CritterZone Air Naturalizer - Corded

Posted by Merlin

I saw a favorable review of this item on 2 cat websites, and I did some searching. I read lots of favorable reviews, and decided to try it. I have several cats and multiple litter boxes. I have a cat with cystitis who occasionally marks territory. In winter, we bring our house plants in to the south facing living room where we put down plastic in front of the windows for them. Some of the cats like to pee on the plastic and on the pots. Even trying to clean this up when we find it, by the end of winter the living room reeks. This year it was especially bad, and there was a strong cat pee odor whenever I walked into the house, even in other rooms.

I have numerous products to clean up cat messes and get rid of the odors, but they just weren't doing the job, so I decided to try the CritterZone. The unit is very small, I was ready for that because I'd read a review mentioning it. You wouldn't think it could do as good a job as claimed because its so small. I'd also read that it gives off an odor, some describe it as metallic, others like the air after it rains. Yes, it does give off an odor as it works right at first. I do not find it offensive, just different, and certainly preferable to the smell of cat pee.

I plugged it in the living room the first night I got it. Within a couple hours, I noticed a distinct improvement in air quality in that room. I had it running on low. I left it run all night in the living room, and expected to have to move it to another room in the morning. Well, when I got up the next morning I could tell a difference in the family room too!

I did bump it up to "high" the next day because I could still smell some cat pee smell when I came home from work that previous night. After running it on high a couple of days, I set it back on low. I have it running continuously in the living room, and it seems to kill odors throughout the house. I can now walk in to the house after a day at work and not be hit with cat pee odor. I don't even have to move it from room to room. This thing is amazing. 

I haven't yet tried it on spots the cat has marked, but I plan to try that. There is a spot on the stone around the fire place that is very difficult to get all the odor out of and will be my first test of spot control.

My only complaint, and it is just cosmetic, is that it would be nice to have the switch marked for which is the "high" setting and which is the "low" setting. The brief instructions do tell you which is which, but it would be nice to have it marked on the unit, since the fan does not seem to change speed from one setting to another.

I give this a 5 stars out of 5 review for tough pet odors.




Product: CritterZone Air Naturalizer - Wall Unit

Posted by Tom

Plugged in over litter box in home with 2 cats. Almost instantly noted effect, but within hours odor free. Will be placing additional order soon.


This little thing works! 

Product: CritterZone Air Naturalizer - Corded

Posted by Nan

Despite using good clumping litter with "odor neutralizers", our multi-cat house still smelled catty. The only place we can keep the litter boxes is at the end of the kitchen (I know, not so great), and I'm always fighting odors (and I'm not talking cooking). So, I got a corded unit and placed it high on a baker's rack. 

It is doing it's job! I've had it on high, low, and medium. I really can't hear it running. And, it's so small, it's barely noticeable. Well worth the price.

All in all, I'm really happy with it. I'm contemplating getting another one.



Product: CritterZone Air Naturalizer - Corded

Posted by Sully

Using in my car. Works like a dream. Going to get one for the condo.


Unbelievably great!!! 

Product: CritterZone Air Naturalizer - Wall Unit 
Posted By: Kathryn

We literally have a house full of cats and a dog. I purchased four wall plug in models and any trace of pet smell is GONE!!!!! So easy to use, plug it in and forget it! The little chemical smell is so minor and lasts only for a moment while it cleans the air. My mom also bought one too as she has a bunch of cats and two big stinky dogs! We are fans for life!!!!! 


 Critter Zone actually works! 

Product: CritterZone Air Naturalizer - Corded Unit 
Posted By: N/A

We purchased a Critter Zone to help with litter box odors - we have two cats. To my amazement and delight, the odors seem to be gone! Placed near the litter box , it emits a barely noticeable hum and fresh scent. Seems too good to be true, and if it continues to work this well, we may purchase another for the kitchen! 


Fresh Air 

Product: CritterZone Air Naturalizer - Corded Unit 
Posted By: Shelly
We purchased the CritterZone for our litterbox area. It works so good I have to inspect the boxes to make sure they were still being used because I can't smell it anymore. 


As Advertised

CritterZone Air Naturalizer - Wall Unit

Posted by K.W.

We are very pleased with our purchase, which we initially viewed with skepticism. It has taken care of the odor problem in our basement, where the cat box is and our 2 cats spend the night. It really works.




Officer J. Price with K9 Officer Diesel:

I am truly amazed how well the Critter Zone works. I use it inside my vehicle and can tell that there is a noticeable difference in the quality of the air. I recommend the Critter Zone and continue to use it daily.



Rona R. from West Palm Beach, FL:

I hate smells! I purchased the CritterZone, and had to let you know how fabulous this product is. Not only do I live with two dogs, but also a husband who likes to cook, and onions and bacon are always on the menu! This little gizmo that I plugged into the wall clears up unwanted odors in a snap. It's small and convenient so I can move it to a different area if needed. I have more on order not only for myself, but for everyone I know.  They're going to make THE BEST Holiday gifts ever...



Officer J. Sniffin with K9 Officer Thor:

As a police K9 handler, I'm in close quarters with my dog day and night. During my shift I'm in a closed car with him next me for the better part of eight hours. I used the CritterZone in my patrol car with the cigarette lighter adapter. Within a few hours I could tell that it was doing something. The air inside the car smelled "cleaner" and I could breathe easier.  It seemed to make a good difference. I would definitely use this again…



From Britni in Blaine, MN:

THANK YOU CritterZone!


I've had a strong, horrible unidentifiable cat urine scent. Some animal had an accident before I bought my home, and no matter how hard I tried I couldn't get rid of it!


In an attempt to rid my home of the smell, I HAVE SPENT THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS replacing the carpet throughout my house and have scrubbed every inch but still cannot get the smell to go away. It's been insanely frustrating!


And then I was introduced to your product. I will admit, I wasn't the most optimistic, especially when I saw how small it was. The smell was huge and this machine was so small… But boy, was I ever pleasantly surprised!


I bought the CritterZone with the plug-in adapter. The cord was long enough so I could place the air purifier under my stairs in the storage closet. (That's as close as I came to narrowing down the smell.) Within a matter of minutes I could tell it was working. And by morning, the SMELL WAS GONE! …not lessened. …not weaker. GONE!


The terrible smell was finally gone by just plugging in this little miracle machine! (Of course, that was after spending way too much money on other products), way too much time scrubbing, and way too much time sniffing my entire house.)


I cannot say enough wonderful things about this little air purifier. Guess what everyone is getting for Christmas!


Thank you CritterZone!! My family and I appreciate having our fresh air back!



Marcia B. in Roseville, MN:

I live in an Victorian home with hardwood floors and many old oriental rugs - I also live with 3 cats and 2 dogs who have decided these rugs work better than going outside into the snow and cold! They have marked this territory and no amount of professional cleaning has been able to eliminate the odors in my rug. Imagine my surprise when I plugged in the CritterZone unit and walked away. Soon the 'odor' was gone and my dining room as well as my adjacent kitchen area smelled fresh and clean! The animals are no longer marking the rugs - guess there is no odor to draw them to their old potty spot.

My animals and I thank you.



Officer D. Barr with K9 Officer Kane:

We love the CritterZone. Since having it in the car the dog smell is gone. It has worked wonders for our car. Thank you CritterZone.



Jean M. in Lake Worth, F.L.:

The CritterZone is fantastic. I am a working mom with two daughters, a hubby, and three pets. I always feel behind in chores and cleaning. The CritterZone has made our home smell fresh and clean. This makes me thankful because our house is usually a hot mess. I love how you can adjust the settings, and how it conveniently plugs into the wall outlets. Thank you CritterZone, there is hope for my family yet!



From PH on Amazon for the wall plug-in:

As good if not better: This is as good if not better than the CritterZone with Cord because it sits nice and close to the wall and works like a charm. Now my whole home smells as though the windows are open when the house is closed up tight. These are truly amazing products.







"I share my home with four cats, two guinea pigs, and a Quaker parrot, which means a constant battle with pet odors and a parade of cleaning products. I have multiple litter boxes and try to keep them scrupulously clean, but sometimes it's a losing battle.

"...I waited for just the right time to start my test, on an afternoon when Farquaad decided to stink up the room. I plugged in the unit and set it on the highest of its three settings. Amazingly, within minutes the nasty odor was gone.

"...Next up was one of the cats' most heavily trafficked litter boxes. It's in my front entry hall, which makes it especially important that guests aren't greeted with Eau de Multi-Cat. The area is also susceptible to guinea pig odors, since it's adjacent to the pig and bird room.

"The CritterZone performed just as well in the larger space as in the powder room... I decided that would be its permanent home; I'm sure all my future guests will appreciate it." [Read More]








Ernie Slone, the editor of Dog Fancy magazine, a sister publication to Pet Product News International, selected the CritterZone Air Purifier by AirRestore as one of his top 11 product picks at Global Pet Expo 2013.

[Watch Video Reivew]



logo-dog-works-radio-show "...we were asked to review the Critter Zone... A home with 30 sled dogs, two that sleep in our bedroom, and Robert with a severe case of allergies to just about anything he can sneeze at. When the box arrived the first thing he said was, 'How is this little thing going to do any good?'


"Boy was he wrong! He plugged it up and placed it on the nightstand next to the bed and it started working right away!"


“This little thing packs a big punch! This is a product I would recommend to all of my clients, family and friends,” says Forto. “If this can work for me and my allergies, it will work for anyone!” [Read More]







"I’m convinced, this is the greatest invention EVER!"


"Introducing the CritterZone Air Purifier, a new player in the fight against pet odors. My life pretty much revolves around stain and odor elimination, so I’m always trying new things to help with the problem.  


"...This tiny unit almost immediately eliminates all odors in up to 800 square feet. Just plug it in, turn it on, and you’re done. I can’t tell you exactly how it works, but I can tell you that there is nothing to replace, nothing to refill, and nothing to clean. Ever!


"It’s not a filter, it’s not a spray, it’s not an ionizer (like the other ionizers on the market). It uses some kind of low voltage electrical charge to literally destroy odor molecules, not just those that pass through the unit, but throughout the entire room. And it is such low voltage, that you can leave it on 24/7 because it costs about $.01 per day to operate.

"Sounds too good to be true? I thought so, too, but I’m convinced, this is the greatest invention EVER!" [Read More]

"When I came home one day with the CritterZone, a tiny boxlike purifier marketed to pet owners, my girlfriend lit up and said, 'This may save our relationship.' ...


"... After the CritterZone had been humming away near the litter box for an hour, the stink vanished, replaced with a faintly chemical crispness. It went on like that, blissfully, for days. For all we knew, the cat no longer found it biologically necessary to void."


-- Steven Kurutz, "Eat My Dust," published May 15 in the New York Times





"Cat Parents, once in nine lives a product comes along that just blows your whiskers back and that product is the CritterZone Air Purifier. This compact, filterless, chemical free air purifier is a must have for cat parents.


"We placed our CritterZone Air Purifier on the shelf in the laundry room, which also happens to be where one of my litter pans is located. You might not think that I would be a super stinker but I have my moments. And lately, my parents noticed that when they came into the house, it didn’t smell badly, but being closed up for the winter the air lacked that fresh and invigorating quality that everyone longs for when they breathe.
Now, when we come into the house, the air is fresh and clean and  there is no trace of a litter pan smell.  My parents can’t get over it, they really can’t.  They praise the CritterZone every day and seem to be fascinated by its power. They are already planning to get one for the man cave and my mom wants one for her car too. One thing we know for sure; We are never going to unplug or stop using this amazing little air purifier."  [Read More]


CiCiBlog_Logo"We have been putting The CritterZone Air Purifier to good use 24/7 for days now. It is powerful, filterless and chemical-free and you can take one with you while traveling. Put one in the car and one in the hotel room and one at home. I was wheezing before using this purifier and Cici’s bugs were making her itchy. Plus, Cici can be a stinky girl. No more doggie smell, no more bugs, no more wheezing!

"We love love love this little, hard-working product."  [Read More]



Conscious CatGreat review from Conscious Cat, who was wowed by the CritterZone's power and efficiency!


"I absolutely love this unit. I’ve shied away from larger air cleaners because they require frequent disassembly and cleaning, as well as purchasing replacement filters, not to mention that they take up space. This small, efficient unit gets the job done!" [Read More]




  CritterZone earned a spot on CBS New York's Mobile Couch! See our inventor and CEO, Bill Converse, present CritterZone as one of the latest pet products. [Watch It Here]


  CritterZone recently had a spot on ABC World News Now! You can watch it by clicking here.






Tatiana's product review of the CritterZone The CritterZone is healthy living blogger Tatiana Ridley's favorite new product! She saw us at the Health & Wellness Pet Product Showcase in New York. She says, "CritterZone Air Naturalizer, (1st place winner of the SuperZoo National Show in 2012), is MY FAVORITE new pet product on the market because it solves 2 of my main pet problems: 1. Stinky Pet Odor (Urine & Poop). 2. Dog Allergies."

The CritterZone made's list of 5 cool products for pets and their people! "The CritterZone Air Purifier stops bad smells without chemicals or filters. Simply plug in the product and place it near the offending scent, and in about 10 seconds, your nose will thank you." [Read More]

Enlightened Ferret logo


The Enlightened Ferret gives the CritterZone a five ferret paw rating for the way it gets rid of ferret odors in their home. [Read More] 




princess among superheroes logo

    "... The units are made so that you can discreetly plug them in... So far so good -- there hasn't been any horrible odor issues since we began using it!" 

[Read More]







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